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The longevity, length and variety of lays E4 offers has an option for every roper out there. From the traditional buckaroo sending in a floater heel short to the very aggressive roper with the clock on his mind, there is a rope style for everyone. To quote multiple ropers using E4 Ropes "They simply feel like magic".



Every rope I've gotten from E4 has been great. They are the only ropes I have every swung that I can spin the ties off of and go rope. These ropes are easy to get along with and they last! 



E4 Ropes is the best rope company I have the the pleasure of working with. Everyone in the office is great to work with and ready to do whatever it takes to serve the customer. The ropes stand up great in and out of the arena. I have used numerous different head and heel ropes and they have such a great feel to them that is unlike any other rope. Once you swing an E4 Rope you won't want anything else.



Number 1 choice is the Silk Stocking, hands down. No bounce, lots of body and a lot of tip. This rope is durable, where I live in California it gets HOT and it holds up longer then any other rope I have ever used.


All other ropes I would untwist them practice with them on a few steers pick out the good ones for the roping ... Not with E4 all there ropes are ready to rock new out of the box you can go WIN.


2nd choice is the Blue Mamba it's a little more body but everyone has to have a nylon/ply blend in their bag and this is Mine 

With these 2 ropes in your Arsenal you can't go wrong.



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